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Used extensively in Australia for wetpouring various surfacing applications, A1 Rubber’s CSBR® pre-coloured rubber has cleaned up the job environment of trowelling down rubber. No longer do applicators go home covered in oxide. CSBR® virtually eliminates those unsightly colour variations between batches.

• Large scale production eliminates unsightly colour variations between batches

• Available in 18 different standard colours


Wetpour rubber is used for the following applications.

• Playgrounds

• Golf Pathways

• Outdoor Rubber flooring

• Patio flooring

• Walkways

• Non-slip surfaces

• Footpath surfacing


Our wetpour rubber surfaces come in this exciting range of colours.

Brief Specifications

Granule Sizes: 1-4mm

Colour Fastness: See UV resistance documents

Opal EDM

OPAL EPDM has characteristics of high elasticity and resilient performance. The pigments used in the OPAL EPDM compound were selected to provide a wide range of colours. Results for accelerated UV resistance are available on request.


Opal EPDM (Ethylene-Propylene-Diene-Monomer) is a bright coloured synthetic rubber which is granulated for use in wet pour surfaces such as playgrounds. Opal EPDM rubber is cast into slabs and then processed through a granulating plant which sizes the product and removes all granulation dust under 0.5mm.

• High elasticity and consistent performance

• Available in a wide range of colours

• Available in 1-4mm granule sizes

• High temperature resistance


• Playground Surfacing

• Commercial Flooring

• Pool surround surfaces

• Walkways

• Splash Parks


Brief Specifications

Granule Sizes: 1-4mm

Opal is available in the following colours.


Curvedge is the most popular rubber edge on the market, with over 250,000 lineal metres of Curvedges sold since its introduction. Curvedge provides the perfect safety edging for all kinds of sand and bark filled grounds.

• Flowing curves and pre-drilled mounting holes

• Made from solid recycled rubber

• Designed to withstand the side-loading pressure of all filling materials


• Garden edges

• Rubber safety edges

• Rubber edges for sharp corners

• Rubber landscape edging

• Retaining edge for bark filled playgrounds

• Retaining edge for sand filled playgrounds

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